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Background by KevinG-art

I have been working hard to get the site and my schedule to coincide. I am pleased to have the page up and running where you can follow along with the story if Valk and his team. His exploits and mysteries surrounding his life and family are guaranteed to keep you wanting to know more. There will be a new page posted weekly.
Banner by KevinG-art

So about 18 months ago I started out on a journey to find joy in something I do. I started sketching while I was thinking and realized that this would be a great war for me to get away from my day to day life and get the images and stories out of head. I began to draw simple images on just about any scrap of paper I could find. What I was drawing wasn't pretty but I was sure I could do better so I continued on. I could start to see light as I was sketching and my art work has gone a lot further now than bad sketches.

I know I am still far from where I want to be but I am on the way. I believe that you should never limit yourself by what you think you can do, but achieve what wish you can do.